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Once you have a completed draft of your resume, check off the following items:

  • Have your resume read by more than one person for content, presentation, and errors. Evaluate overall layout; is your resume easy to read? Descriptions use action verbs; avoid "Duties included!'... " or "Responsible for..." Phrases are short and to the point; no irrelevant information.
  • No spelling errors or typos.
  • Emphasize skills over responsibilities.
  • Names are spelled out rather than abbreviated.
  • Information such as job title, dates, locations, and organizations are listed consistently.
  • Avoid personal pronouns such as "I" or "me."

The final version of your resume should be laser printed or type set. Avoid using dot matrix printers and typewriters; they result in a less professional-looking resume. Use heavy bond paper with a light color; white, ivory, and gray are recommended.


Cover Letters
Your resume should be accompanied by a cover letter each time it is distributed, except in rare circumstances. The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce your resume and interest the reader enough to move on to the resume. The cover letter allows you to highlight aspects of your resume most relevant to the position you're seeking. The employer uses it to determine your interest and objective in getting the position, as well as to evaluate your writing skills.

Each cover letter is individually produced and written specifically for the employer in question. It should answer the following questions for the reader:

  • Why are you writing to me?
  • Why are you interested in my organization, open job, or position?
  • Why are you a fit for my organization?
  • What is your next step?

Start off your cover letter using a standard business format, listing your return address, the date, and the name and address of the person to whom you are writing. Address the letter to a person, rather than writing "Dear Sir/Madam." To get a contact name, check employer information or directories in OECS or OCPP. You can also contact the organization directly to ask for the name and title of the appropriate person.


The cover letter has three main sections:

The Introduction.
The first paragraph of your letter is a brief summary of who you are and what you are looking for. Answer the reader's question, "Why am I reading this letter?" Name the position you are interested in and how you learned of it or who referred you. In a sentence or two, at the most, explain what skills make you the best candidate for the position.


The Body
This section is one to two relatively short paragraphs that elaborate on the skills you have that match the employer's needs. Summarize your qualifications and give brief examples, without repeating your resume. Focus on your transferable skills, strengths, accomplishments, and results. Your research on the organization will be important in this section, because it will help you link your qualifications to what the employer is seeking.


The Ending
This brief paragraph may refer
to your enclosed resume (if you have not done so earlier), then states what the next step is. End actively, with a statement of what you will do to contact the employer. Offer to contact the employer within a specific time period to discuss the position further, review your qualifications, request an interview, or whatever seems appropriate. Confirm how they may reach you via phone or e-mail. Remember to sign your letter and add "Enc." or "Enclosure" after the signature block to indicate that you are including your resume.


Drafting letters takes some thought. Here are some ideas to help create an effective cover letter:

  • Ensure you have the correct spelling of the name and correct title of the addressee.
  • Have others read it through for flow, content, and errors.
  • With your initial draft, try writing as if you were speaking with someone. Then edit it into a business letter.
  • Use straightforward, positive language. Avoid flowery or overly formal language. Use active, not passive, statements.

There are several other types of job search correspondence you may need over the course of your search. These include:

  • Thank you notes (sent after every interview);
  • Letters to decline offers; 
  • Letters to accept offers;
  • Letters to confirm the details of offers;
  • Letters asking for additional information; and
  • Letters asking for informational interviews.

Follow the guidelines for writing a business letter and be sure to proofread them yourself, in addition to having another person read them. Keep a copy of every letter you send and records of when they were sent.


To give you some ideas about how to get started, we are including some sample resumes and cover letters. Please remember that these are ideas to inform you about ways you could create yours. Your own work will be original and reflective of your experience and skills.

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