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Pets ( p.128-129 ): The Cat That Was In Jail

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Read the text.

The Cat That Was In Jail

The police were called because of an abandoned car. The policeman came and saw the car was in a no-parking zone. He wrote a ticket and called a tow truck to impound the car. It is the law. The truck came and as it was hooking up to tow the car, the driver and policeman heard a weak sound come out of the car. The policeman looked inside. Surprisingly he saw a little fuzzy kitten scared, shaking, cold, and hungry.

“What shall we do?” asked the tow truck driver the policeman. The latter thought a few moments and said:

“We can’t leave the poor creature in the car because it is going to be impounded. I can’t take it home for I already have a dog... Perhaps I’ll call the Animal Rescue League.

So did he. The Animal Rescue League has some shelters (which are also called the Animal Jails) picked the kitten up and put it up for adoption. A nice lady took a good care of the kitten. It was warm and nice in the shelter, and lots of food. The little kitten was playing in her small cage, sleeping, eating and looking at the other cats and dogs, who were in their own cages waiting for somebody to come and adopt them.

They did not know that after eight weeks, if nobody adopted them, they would be put to death by gas...

Men, women and children came and left, adopted other more beautiful cats and dogs... Our little cat was not that beautiful. But she hoped, ”Maybe one fine day...”

And in came Mr. and Mrs. Bali on Christmas Eve, adopted the little kitten, and gave her a wonderful name - Christie. Guess why?

Now this funny cat does not live in a cage. She has a nice house, good food, and lots of love. She is happy to see her “parents” when they come back home after work. She likes to play with what do you think? - Running water, sitting in a sink or basin, to look through the window at the hopping birds, to play with shiny balls and what not!

Her “parents” are happy, too.


Ex.1. Learn all the underlined words.

abandoned  - брошенный

fuzzy - пушистый

tow  - буксир

scared - напуганный

truck - грузовик

the latter - последний

to impound - конфисковать

adoption - усыновление

weak - слабый

shelter - укрытие, убежище

to hop - прыгать, скакать

creature - существо, создание

Animal Rescue League (A.R.L.) - организация, занимающаяся охраной животных и имеющая убежища для бездомных животных.

Ex.2.Which of the following is NOT true?

1.       The police were called because of an accident.

2.       The car was in a no-parking zone.

3.       The policeman wrote a ticket. It is the law.

4.       The policeman and the driver of the tow truck heard a loud sound come out of the car.

5.       A dog was inside the car.

6.       They saw a little fuzzy kitten. It was scared, shaking, cold and hungry.

7.       The driver took the kitten home.

8.       The driver took the kitten to the A.R.L.

9.       The kitten was put to death by gas.

10.   A girl adopted the poor kitten.

11.   The kitten was given a wonderful name - Debra.

12.   Now the kitten lives in a small apartment with lots of other cats.

Ex.3. In the text given above try to find some irregular count nouns (e.g: tooth-teeth), nouns that are always plural (e.g: cattle), and non-countable nouns (e.g: water). Use these nouns in your own sentences.

Ex.4. In the text given above find irregular verbs and give three forms of these verbs. Use these irregular verbs in your own sentences. 

Ex.5. Find adjectives in the text and give their comparisons.

(Find at least 18 adjectives.)

Ex.6. Answer the questions.

One fine day the police were called because of an accident, weren’t they?

Where was the car parked?

What did the policeman do?

Why did he write a ticket? 

What did the men hear while hooking up the tow truck to the car?

Was it a cat or a dog inside the car?

The cat was not scared at all, was it?

Did the policeman or driver take the kitten home?

Why didn’t they do that?

What was the policeman’s suggestion?

What is the A.R.L?

The employees took good care of the kitten, didn’t they?

Were there any other animals in the jail?

What was going to happen to these animals?

Were many animals adopted?

Our fuzzy kitten was adopted as soon as she had been brought to the A.R.L, wasn’t she?

Was the kitten beautiful or ugly?

Where is the kitten now?

Ex.7. Read the dialogue.

Cat Obedience.

A: Do you think cats can be trained?

B: Of course, they can.

A: Really? I mean, can you train them to come when you call?

B: Certainly. Just put out food and call, “Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!”

A: And how can you train them to stay off the kitchen table?

B: That’s easy. Just spray them with water whenever they jump up.

A: Does that mean I always have to be in the kitchen?

B: Well, I’ll admit that is a problem.

Источник: http://englishaz.narod.ru


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